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Innovative insurance solutions, designed especially for you by AMA & Associates, LLC.


The health care industry is becoming increasingly complex, making the job of the school administrator more critical and diverse than ever when choosing a health plan for students. One reason is the effect of government initiatives. Seeking fairness for all, government solutions don’t fit everyone just right. Another reason is that not all student health insurance companies are flexible and agile enough to respond quickly and creatively to the administrator’s concerns.

At AMA & Associates, our services and benefits are not influenced by multiple levels of bureaucracy. As an independent, privately held organization, we have the imagination and creativity to design insurance solutions that are both innovative and aggressive in serving your needs. We offer a variety of ideas and solutions which, alone or in combination, bring together a plan of insurance benefits and cost controls to meet the needs of the policy holder. We work hard to make sure the school administrator and the student have the freedom to choose the option that works best for them.


What began in 1958 as a small agency branching out into a new field of accident insurance for students at school, grew to be one of the largest and most respected specialists in the “Student Insurance” field, formally known as Heritage Insurance Managers, Inc.

For the first three years, the firm’s business centered on the selling of accident medical coverage to public, private, and parochial school students in kindergarten through 12th grade. In those days, the bill for a doctor’s visit was $5 and a day’s stay in the hospital cost about $30. The premium for school insurance for the entire school year was only $1.50.

In the following years, Heritage Insurance Managers expanded to include medical insurance not only for college and public school students, but also for campers, athletic team participants, day care centers and various youth group activities. Heritage Insurance Managers became known as the “Youth Insurance Specialists.”

In 2005, the evolution from Heritage Insurance Managers to AMA & Associates, LLC, a small “Family” business was completed. Today, Adair, McClellen, Alexandria and Associates continues to provide health insurance to students traveling abroad, as well as foreign students entering the United States for higher education. We have successfully maintained relationships with highly rated national insurance companies as underwriting business partners and have contracts with national and regional preferred provider organizations.

AMA & Associates, LLC has grown to be a national leader in its field. AMA & Associates works hand in hand with administrators to design customized benefit programs that specifically meet the unique needs of a particular student population. AMA & Associates utilizes sophisticated measures to control costs, while providing the utmost in quality medical care.

The continued success of AMA & Associates, LLC is attributed to our background of experience and expertise, strong financial foundation, quality personnel, and our commitment to excellent service for all of our customers.

AMA & Associates, LLC is currently underwritten by XL Catlin Insurance Company Incorporated.

A.M. Best has assigned a financial strength rating of “A” (Excellent, financial size category XV) to all of Catlin’s core underwriting units.

Standard & Poor’s has rated the financial strength of Catlin Underwriting units as “A” (Strong), citing “Catlin’s strong competitive position, strong operating performance, strong capitalization and strong enterprise risk management.”