The majority of schools will submit your application via a list from the international student office. However, the link above provides specific enrollment forms for dependents, sports, etc. Please review the forms and submit the corresponding application for your school/university only. OPT coverage must be verified/confirmed through the school.

When sending in your application for enrollment, please make sure you are in contact with your International Adviser/Contact at your school, and make sure they have the following information up to date, should we need to verify eligibility.


Current Mailing Address

Date of Birth

E-mail Address

Phone Number

AMA & Associates, LLC must have all the above information on file in our office to be able to enroll and process claims. If we do not have the information on file, we will not be able to assist you and continue with the claims process. If you are unsure if the above information has been submitted to our office, please call or email us at 1-800-456-7480 or customerservice@amaofa.com.